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The Image File Photography Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

Welcome to the Image File Podcast, I’m Chris Koehn, a former news photographer now practising the art of landscape photography.

In this episode I go back to earlier this year when I spoke with Olympus Visionary and adventure filmmaker Chris Eyre-Walker. I had intended to release this earlier in the year but 2020 kinda derailed things for everyone. (Pardon my voice and sniffles during the podcast, I was fighting off the remnants of a cold!)

Chris was in New York before the world shut down and I managed to talk to him about how he got his start as a pro photographer and developed a relationship with Olympus. His insight will help anyone with a quality portfolio who might want to work with brands.

We also dig into the versatility of the Olympus line of micro four thirds cameras, and how these diminutive powerhouses help Chris capture compelling images along frozen peaks and windswept dunes.

Disclosure: I own some Olympus gear so we do get a little excited about the equipment. But know that we wouldn’t speak so highly of this stuff if we didn’t really believe in it. Also, not sponsored, but hey Olympus, let’s talk?

Show Notes:

Chris Eyre-Walker on the web

Chris’ Patreon

Chris’ Instagram

Chris on YouTube

Olympus E-M5 Mark III

My friend Tamas who got me into Olympus

24 Hours in Belgium video on YouTube

Africa Wilderness Safaris

Chris Burkhard surf photography

Under an Arctic Sky

Olympus Visionary Team

Adrian Rohnfelder German photographer who had that video of the E-M1 II getting soaked in mud

Dreamwalkers film

Ursa Mini Pro G2 4.6K

Olympus E-M1x

Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival