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The Image File Photography Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Image File Podcast! I’m Chris Koehn, a former news photographer now practising the art of landscape photography.

In this inaugural episode of the Image File I'm checking in with the immensely talented Erin Babnik, who earlier this year was named a Canon Explorer of Light, and I find out how the pandemic has affected her photography business and way of life. For someone who is normally on the road 300 days of the year and earns part of her living through workshops, the pandemic has created new challenges for Erin.

We delve into her new creative space, as well as the importance of collaborating with brands and other artists. We also look at how to get out of creative ruts and talk about some of the best ways to learn and improve your own photography while discussing some of my favorites from Erin’s portfolio.

As always, Erin has some interesting stuff to reveal whenever we talk. Stick around to learn more about her upcoming Photoshop color panel developed in cooperation with post-processing legend, Tony Kuyper.

Show Notes:

Erin's website, portfolio and workshops

Photographing Though The Seasons eBook

Erin's writing on Photo Cascadia 

Photo Cascadia Wide Angle Podcast on YouTube 

David Cobb’s article on some inspiring women photographers

Canon Explorers of Light

Oregon, My Oregon book

Erin's articles on storytelling in photography

The Missing Piece photo

Dust in the Wind

Arrow Dynamic

Kindred Spirits

Tony Kuyper