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The Image File Photography Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

I had a chance to talk with landscape photographer Adam Gibbs who, fresh off a trip to the Canadian Rockies, spoke about his recent shift to medium format digital, his popular YouTube channel, and his latest book, “Quiet Light” now in its second printing.

Ever the agreeable chap, Adam and I chatted for well over an hour, and we dug into his earlier career shooting medium format film for magazines, and whether or not he's considering a return to analog after showing off his old film gear bag in a recent YouTube video.

He was an avid Nikon user, picking up the 2018 Landscape Photographer of the Year award with images he shot with that system, so I was very interested in what drew him away from the excellent D850 to FujiFilm. Don't worry, we don't get into specs and camera geekery, there's plenty of that out there already. But I do find out what is important to Adam when it comes equipment, and he shares a bit of his philosophy and technique that help him craft stunning images.

We end up discussing book publishing, printing images, and running into your fans in the field. Stick around for the whole show and learn the answer to the age old question, if the f/4 gang were the Beatles, who's Ringo?

Despite some technical difficulties with our Skype connection, I think we managed to cover some interesting stuff in this episode featuring Adam Gibbs.

If you haven’t heard who Adam is already and want to know more, you can find him at and on YouTube as Adam Gibbs.

His book Quiet Light is into its second edition and is available at

As for me, if you could subscribe, review, or do whatever it is that helps these kinds of shows grow, I’d appreciate it. Oh yeah, my newsletter is coming, I promise. Check out for more episodes.


Adam's website:

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Adam's book Quiet Light from Kozu Books

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FujiFilm GFX 50R

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